Panta Rhei engages in innovation, creative thinking and creates business turnaround. Our method leads to revolution and business breakthroughs. Time and time again our results are above and beyond market innovation standards. The kind of things we do and some of our success stories are described in the pictures.

Success requires courage, determination, and openness to new business concepts and technologies. Together, we invent your growth using tools, methods, and intuition.

Inventive Thinking and Creativity Workshops


Innovation project


Investments for business turnaround 


Clips from Methodical Inventive Thinking & Product development workshops:

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whatareyou sinkingabout

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Creativity & Motivation


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Inventive Thinking and Creativity Workshops

Inventive Thinking and Creativity Workshops are our core business and our workshops convey the essence of our knowledge and practices.

Our dynamic and riveting delivery of the material is based on both experience and scientific research. A description and examples of the inventive thinking development method can be found in our book summary: Simple – Methodical Inventive Thinking, Problem Solving & New Product Development

The Methodical Inventive Thinking workshop is the basis for inventiveness and creativity and is enriched with the latest knowledge from the fields of brain research and human creativity.

The workshop on inventing new products and servicesis based on methodical inventive thinking tools, applying them in an original manner that leads to surprising ideas...

The workshop of innovation as a way of life deals with creating and managing a process of innovation within an organization. It may also be approached from the angle of intra-organizational enterprise development.

The Brainfocus workshop teaches an innovative, effective and easy-to-implement method of brainstorming around real problems with diverse business, marketing and technological constraints.

For more information see the Inventiveness and creativity workshops page.


Innovation project

An innovation project takes a company and leverages its business through innovation in the areas of business, marketing, sales, technology development, a product line or operational-logistics issues.

Innovation means identifying and examining existing thought and work patterns and then developing patterns of thinking and behaving suited to the organization's business aspirations.

Unlike the workshop, which ends at the stage of bringing up ideas, an innovation project ends with implementation and business success.

Our innovation aims high and obtains results that change the organization, its profitability and its value.

The business model can be consulting or success based. We belive in our ability to deliver.

For more information see the Innovation project page


Investments for a business turnaround

We are involved with investments, purchasing a significant part in companies according to criteria we have set within our areas of expertise. We create a business breakthrough within 2-3 years and then exit or stay on a case-by-case basis.

We do not invest in start-ups, but are interested in companies with a sales turnover of 3-15 million dollars. We purchase a controlling share that affords us the freedom of action to ensure the growth of the organization.

To further these investments we are seeking financiers interested in joining our purchases and people with proven managerial experience who wish to take part in managing the organizations we invest in.

For more information, see the Investment opportunities page



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Tel:     +972 4 6294294

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News and interest

> Innovation and Methodical Inventive Thinking workshop at Elcam Medical. A fascinating workshop with results!

> Investors and financiers with 125 thousand dollars or more are welcome to contact us about a new business investment.

> Brain games - How do we perceive dimensions and depth!! Intriguing clip from National Geographic. click above to watch the chosen innovation clip.

> Do you know companies that are ready, and would like to achieve business turnaround? Please contact us. We have an attractive affiliation program for you!!

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